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Preparing for cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic Surgery Can Be a Life-Changing Decision in More Ways Than One

Plastic surgery errors can have a multitude of horrific life-altering side effects. Here are the next steps to take if your cosmetic surgery goes awry.

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Newborn baby with no head injuries after birth.

The 6 Most Common Types of Head Injuries During Birth

Birth injuries are not uncommon, with a baby’s head being particularly vulnerable. Learn more about the next steps to take if malpractice caused a birth injury.

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unrecognizable person in a wheelchair after a spinal cord injury.

Obtaining Maximum Compensation for a Spinal Cord Injury in a Contributory Negligence State

Here’s what to do if you or a loved one has suffered from a spinal cord injury in a contributory negligence state like Maryland or Virginia.

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Product Liability recall

Any Defective Product That Causes Harm Should Have You Calling a Product Liability Lawyer

Product liability is a tortuous and intriguing aspect of our legal system. Here are examples of these cases and when you need a lawyer.

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doctors performing surgery without postoperative complications

5 Ways to Tell That You Have a Post-Operative Medical Negligence Case

Your doctor has a responsibility to provide post-operative care. Without that, there is negligence. Here are five signs that you have a negligence case.

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er doctors trying to avoid a missed diagnosis

Compensation May Be Possible for a Delayed or Missed Diagnosis in the ER

If you or a member of your family has suffered physical, financial, or emotional damage as the result of a missed diagnosis, Weltchek, Mallahan, and Weltchek can help you hold the responsible party responsible. 

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A doctor explaining his cancer misdiagnosis to a patient.

Cancer Misdiagnosis: What Are Your Options?

Realizing that you have cancer can be astounding, made even worse when you realize there was a cancer misdiagnosis by the doctor. Learn more here.

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a doctor holding a patient's hands after avoiding hospital-acquired infections.

Hospital-Acquired Infections: What Are They and How Should You Handle Them?

Hospital-acquired infections can either introduce a new illness to you or worsen an existing condition. Here’s how to handle these cases.

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Female patient signing a medical informed consent in front of her doctor.

Understanding the Importance of Informed Consent

Comprehension is as important as clinical information when discussing diagnosis, invasive procedures, as well as surgery with your doctor. A health scare will often leave patients both emotionally and cognitively overwhelmed. And unable to fully understand the scope and consequences of the situation at hand. Additionally, the patient must be able to communicate their wishes…

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