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My Back Surgery was Bad: Can I File a Malpractice Lawsuit in Maryland?

A bad back can make life miserable, and in some cases, it can only be repaired by surgery. But what if the surgeon makes a mistake, leaving you in worse shape than before?

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Nerve damage during birth? What’s going to happen? What should I do?

One of the most common types of birth injuries is nerve damage. This issue can range from mild to severe, and temporary to permanent. But either way, nerve damage can be an alarming diagnosis to deal with.

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I’m a victim of amputation negligence. What can I do about it?

Mistakes are made every day in hospitals across America. While none of these occurrences are acceptable, amputation negligence is one of the most disastrous forms of malpractice that could occur. It’s so detrimental, in fact, that it’s one of the few mistakes commonly referred to as ‘never events’ – meaning there’s never an excuse for their occurrence.

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Amniotic Fluid Aspiration During Birth vs Amniotic Fluid Aspiration Pneumonia

The amniotic fluid in the womb of an expectant mother serves as a cushion against blows from the outside world while stimulating the growth and development of her fetus.

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Understanding pitocin side effects and how to start a malpractice lawsuit

Injury to a mother and her unborn or newborn baby during the delivery process can occur due to several reasons. Some situations are unavoidable even with the best course of treatment, but there are situations when doctors make mistakes, particularly when using Pitocin to induce labor.

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Signs of fetal distress did your doctor miss something

Pregnancy doesn’t always go as smoothly and incident-free as you would hope. Sometimes there are complications that you never expected to happen, at which point you’re supposed to be able to rely on your medical team for answers.

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Lack of oxygen to the brain medical negligence

Babies that don’t receive enough oxygen during the birthing process can remain with severe physical or development difficulties.

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Cerebral anoxia and how to implement a malpractice lawsuit

If you haven’t heard of cerebral anoxia, it’s no surprise. While not widely known, the effects of this type of brain injury are devastating to the sufferer and those who love them.

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My Baby Has Cerebral Palsy Can I Sue

Cerebral palsy is a neurological condition that can develop in utero or shortly after birth. When you get the news that your newborn child has this condition, you may be feeling angry or scared on top of all the other feelings that come from having just brought a new life into the world.

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