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Facts and Statistics Involving Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

Facts and Statistics Involving Medical Malpractice Lawsuits Call for a Free Consultation! Approximately 15 percent of all personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits filed throughout the nation result from medical malpractice. This translates into roughly 20,000 medical malpractice claims filed each year, despite estimates that up to 120,000 annual incidents of medical negligence occur. Age, gender and additional…

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Medical Errors Responsible for as Many as 400,000+ Deaths Each Year

Back in the year 2000, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) published data revealing the shocking reality that doctors and medical errors were directly responsible for more than 225,000 deaths each year. Later in 2013, another study in the Journal of Patient Safety confirmed these statistics with even more dramatic figures, this time linking as many as 440,000 lives lost…

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Adequate Vitamin D Levels Reduce Preterm Birth Rates – Are Doctors Keeping Up?

Preterm birth rates, measured as the number of babies born before reaching 37 weeks of gestation, have grown to virtually epidemic proportions in the U.S., accounting for 10 percent of all births during the year 2015. Preterm babies are much more likely to be impacted with cerebral palsy (CP) or other developmental disorders, among other…

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Early Cord Clamping Associated With Newborn Health Consequences

Despite recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO) which state that cord clamping should be delayed from one to three minutes after birth, early cord clamping (ECC) still remains the standard of care within the vast majority of American hospitals. The practice of ECC, which typically occurs within one minute of birth, was initially recommended as…

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$4.25M Malpractice Settlement Involving the Death of Twins Reached – Request to Seal Records Denied

After losing her twin girls in 2009, Jo Ann Page of Archbald, Pennsylvania sought the assistance of attorney Matt Casey of Philadelphia who filed a medical malpractice claim on her behalf against Moses Taylor Hospital, Michael J. Kush, M.D., Francis Hamm, M.D., Kristine McNulty, M.D., and Physicians Health Alliance (PHA) of Carbondale in 2011. The plaintiff claimed that medical…

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Risks Associated With Statin Drug Use Outweighs Potential Benefits

Statins are the most widely prescribed medications today and are taken by one in every four Americans, despite faulty scientific evidence which formed the basis for their usage. Statins have been proven to have a nominal effects on heart disease rates and are linked with a host of side effects including an increased risk of diabetes, neurological disorders, certain cancers and more.…

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Lawsuits and Documented Evidence of Harm – Yet Aspartame Remains FDA Approved

The artificial sweetener aspartame has a history fraught with controversy, evidence of harm and lawsuits, yet since 1981, the product has retained its status as “FDA Approved”. This wasn’t always the case; between 1975 and 1980, the FDA maintained the position that the available evidence showed aspartame to be a dangerous chemical and denied requests from the G.D. Searle company…

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Certain Prenatal Tests Increase the Risk of Miscarriage – Did Your Doctor Obtain Informed Consent?

Prenatal testing can help parents acquire useful information about the health of their unborn child, yet some procedures carry the inherent risk of miscarriage and false positive results. Provided parents fully understand the benefits and risks involved with each test and are allowed complete freedom of choice to determine which options are best for them,…

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A Once Healthy, Bilingual Girl Sentenced to a Life of Dependency After Receiving a Flu Shot

Vaccinations contain far more than just small amounts of the virus or bacterial strain they are intended to create immunity against. Some of these additional ingredients, including adjuvants (such as aluminum salts to encourage the body to develop a strong immune reaction) and preservatives (such as mercury containing thimerosal) may increase the potential for undesired reactions, particularly in children. Nine year old Marysue Grivna was…

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