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A surgeon with glasses operating on a patient

I Was Given an Unnecessary Surgery. Can I Sue?

Surgeries present a potential treatment option for even the most severe conditions. A recent study indicates that approximately 25 million Americans undergo surgery annually. However, despite its potentiality, surgery has become an avenue for medical errors. Put simply, unnecessary surgery is on the rise, with statistics indicating that approximately 7.5 million unnecessary medical and surgical…

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Cropped image of a mask for general anesthesia

Anesthesia Malpractice: Do I Have a Strong Case?

Almost everyone has received anesthesia in their lifetime, whether it is a local injection at the dental office or a mask over the mouth and nose to make you unconscious before surgery. Anesthesia allows patients to go through medical procedures by blocking pain. Even though it is a common medical procedure, it comes with its…

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surgeons removing a foreign object from someone during surgery.

My Doctor Left a Foreign Object Inside Me! What Should I Do Next?

What should I do if my doctor left a foreign object inside me? Learn more about the right steps to protect the health of the victim.

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5 Ways the Pandemic Is Increasing Medical Errors

5 Ways the Pandemic Is Increasing Medical Errors

Amidst the COVID pandemic, experts claim that malpractice lawsuits are increasing day by day. Here is how the pandemic is contributing to such an upsurge in medical errors.

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When is a Hospital Accountable for My Stroke Injuries?

When Is a Hospital Accountable for My Stroke Injuries?

A stroke is a medical emergency that, If untreated, patients could sustain brain damage. Learn more about the condition and your hospital’s liability.

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a baby suffering from birth injuries

Birth Injuries: A Rising Cause for Concern in Maryland

If your child has suffered a birth injury in Maryland, you can contact competent and reliable medical malpractice attorneys to help you claim maximum compensation for your damages.

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nurse holding a patients hands in one of the community living facilities

Steps You Can Take to Protect Your Family Members in Community Living Facilities

Medical mistreatment and neglect is a widespread problem in community living centers. Protect your family members in community living facilities.

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one of the auto accident that occur every year.

5 Common Types of Catastrophic Auto Accidents

The alarming frequency of auto accidents is something we don’t like thinking about a lot. Here is what to do if you are involved in an accident.

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How Seniors Can Protect Their Medical Rights During Quarantines

How Seniors Can Protect Their Medical Rights During Quarantine

Medical malpractice is a major concern to senior citizens. Here is how seniors can protect their medical rights during quarantine.

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