Anesthesia Malpractice: Do I Have a Strong Case?

Cropped image of a mask for general anesthesia

Almost everyone has received anesthesia in their lifetime, whether it is a local injection at the dental office or a mask over the mouth and nose to make you unconscious before surgery. Anesthesia allows patients to go through medical procedures by blocking pain. Even though it is a common medical procedure, it comes with its…

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Understanding the Importance of Informed Consent

Female patient signing a medical informed consent in front of her doctor.

Comprehension is as important as clinical information when discussing diagnosis, invasive procedures, as well as surgery with your doctor. A health scare will often leave patients both emotionally and cognitively overwhelmed. And unable to fully understand the scope and consequences of the situation at hand. Additionally, the patient must be able to communicate their wishes…

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Giving Informed Consent: Everything You Need to Know

Male patient reviewing an informed consent contract with his doctor.

Going to a healthcare facility can cause people to feel stressed. Especially when there is a lot they do not know. Various procedures and treatment plans contain plenty of information on the positive effects and potential risks. A doctor has a duty to inform patients of these details. Unfortunately, many medical professionals fail to gain informed…

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