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Birth Injury

Delivery Room Errors

As a parent, your first hope for your child is that he or she will be born a happy and healthy baby. However, a slip-up in the delivery room can destroy that hope. Medical malpractice in the delivery room can destroy a child’s life, leaving you with an infant who is irreversibly disabled. Of course,…

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Still Birth Lawyer

Still Birth and Is It Medical Malpractice? Call 410-825-5287 for a free medical malpractice consultation About 1 out of every 115 pregnancies ends tragically, with the baby being stillborn, or being born dead. Unfortunately, sometimes doctors cause these tragic circumstances to occur because they make mistakes or don’t provide appropriate care to pregnant women that…

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Placental Abruption

Placental Abruption Placental abruption happens during pregnancies when the placenta separates from the uterus prior to delivery. The loss of blood associated with placental abruption can lead to fetal brain damage and even death. Approximately 22 children are born stillborn every day due to the condition. Maternal death is much less common, but women who…

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Umbilical Cord Compression

When the umbilical cord is under pressure or compressed, a doctor diagnoses the mother and baby with umbilical cord compression. Umbilical cord compression can restrict the baby’s oxygen flow, and the baby’s heart rate can decrease. A doctor can identify the baby’s slowed heart rate by using a fetal heart monitor. Healthcare providers should administer…

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Birth Injury Lawyer Baltimore

Why You May Have A Birth Injury Claim? There are at least 44,000 deaths as the result of medical errors in the US and hat figure could reach as high as 98,000. Medical mistakes by physicians can be categorized into the following: Misinterpreting the test results of monitoring Failure to monitor the fetus Improperly identifying…

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Why You May Have A Birth Injury Claim?

Every year in the United States there are at least 44,000 deaths as the result of medical errors, according to a report by the Institute of Medicine. That figure could actually go as high as 98,000. Medical malpractice or negligence by physicians in their diagnosis and/or treatment of fetal distress can be summarized in the…

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