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Can I Sue a Hospital in Maryland?

Can I Sue a Hospital in Maryland? Call 410-825-5287 for a free medical malpractice consultation People who have been injured as the result of medical malpractice may be entitled to compensation for their pain, lost wages, medical bills and suffering. Medical professionals may not have the funds to pay for the damages. However, the hospital…

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Our baby was born with a defect – What is wrongful birth?

Wrongful birth is a type of legal cause of action where parents of a child who is congenitally diseased claim that the physician did not properly warn them of the risk of conceiving or giving birth to a child that had congenital or genetic abnormalities.   The plaintiffs claim that that the defendant hindered them…

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Doctors punctured my wife’s trachia?

Doctors Punctured your Wife’s Trachea? Call 410-825-5287 for a free medical malpractice consultation You may lose the ability to breathe and eat on your own if you become very sick or injured. If this occurs, then the hospital staff members may have to insert feeding and breathing tubes in your body, so your body will…

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My Daughter was deprived of oxygen – Malpractice?

It is vital for the brain to get adequate oxygen. There are many things that can cause the brain to not get the oxygen it needs. The brain cells start to die when the oxygen levels are very low for four minutes.   Call 410-825-5287 for a free consultation. If the brain is deprived of…

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My wife had an issue concerning her tracheal intubation

Oxygen is the most critical component to human health and survival. You can survive for a few days without water or food. However, permanent brain damage and death can occur if you are deprived of oxygen for a few minutes. Call 410-825-5287 for a free consultation. That is why why proper airway management by medical…

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My husband was given an incorrect Cancer Diagnosis

Physicians owe a duty of care to their patients just like the majority of other professionals, such as accountants, lawyers and architects. When a physician’s behavior falls below the level of care that is expected of the average doctor who is practicing in the same specialty, then this physician has committed medical malpractice and is…

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A hospital misdiagnosed my son. What can i do?

A Hospital Misdiagnosed my Son, What Can I Do? Call 410-825-5287 for a free medical malpractice consultation   Doctors and nurses are not the only ones who can be sued for medical malpractice. The hospital or other healthcare facility can be sued for medical malpractice in some cases. This can occur if you were injured…

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Am I responsible for my medical expenses?

Am I Responsible for my Medical Expenses? Call 410-825-5287 for a free medical malpractice consultation   Medical expenses can often be claimed as part of injured parties’ damages in the state of Maryland. That being said, the insurance company may have the right to collect what they have already paid in connection to the plaintiff’s…

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My baby was born deprived of oxygen. Was it the obstetrician’s fault?

Your claim has to be investigated. A lot depends on when the symptoms and signs of your baby’s condition are noticed. Also, what actions the healthcare providers should have taken to the deliver the child. If a person is deprived of oxygen for eight to 10 minutes, then hypoxic ischemic encephatolopathy, or brain injury can occur. Death…

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