Types of Medication Associated with Product Liability Claims

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Claims filed secondary to medication product liability fall under one of three different categories. Clients file claims when personal injury results secondary to manufacturing defects found in pharmaceutical medications; manufactured medications produce life threatening side effects; or individuals provide inaccurate information concerning medications.

Defective Manufactured Medications This type of claim typically revolves around injuries individuals suffer when medications undergo alteration. Defects might occur any time from the manufacturing process to retail product placement. Formulation errors might happen during the manufacturing process. Medications might undergo contamination or tampering during bottling. Product labels might contain errors. Inappropriate shipping methods might alter medication formulations. Tampering also might occur anytime after retail facilities obtain products.

Medications and Dangerous Side Effects

The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) published an article reporting that approximately 106,000 patient deaths occur annually secondary to the negative effects of medications. The Institute for Safe Medical Practices released a study indicating that the number of adverse event cases involving medications increased exponentially in the United States from 1998 to 2005. Many of these cases produced personal injury lawsuits.

Side effects typically accompany all medications. Sometimes, medications have side effects that cause serious and life threatening injuries. Claims might involve medications having a long market history before researchers discover potentially lethal effects associated with taking the formulation. Some claims revolve around medications having dangerous side effects kept concealed by manufacturers. When Maryland Malpractice Lawyers prove injuries or death occurred secondary to side effects, courts often require punitive damages paid to clients.

Medications Marketed Improperly 

Marketing generally refers to the instructions, recommendations and warnings that apply to individual
medications. The term might also apply to false advertisements. Injuries often occur when manufacturers fail to provide accurate or sufficient instructions for medication use, or fail to include warnings describing life threatening side effects. Injuries might also occur when patients receive inappropriate advice from physicians, pharmacists, pharmaceutical representatives or other individuals associated with the health care profession.

Defective medication lawsuits might entail more than one claim. Medications producing hazardous side effects sometimes also include claims for inappropriate labeling, insufficient warnings or false advice. Individuals suffering injury or family members who lost a loved one unnecessarily because of medication related circumstances should contact Maryland Malpractice Lawyers. Trained and qualified attorneys review cases and advise clients of legal rights concerning medication side effects and personal injury.

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