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Monitoring the Mothers Condition

Monitoring the Mother’s Condition & Preeclampsia Call 410-825-5287 for a free medical malpractice consultation Preeclampsia is a dangerous medical condition unique to pregnancy. Doctors diagnose the condition through a combination of high blood pressure readings and proteins detected in the urine. It occurs most commonly after the 20th week of pregnancy. Also known as toxemia,…

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Oxygen deprevation in a Hospital

Oxygen Deprivation in a Hospital Call 410-825-5287 for a free medical malpractice consultation The human body requires a certain level of oxygen to survive. When oxygen levels fall too low, there is a risk of brain damage. Infants who are deprived of oxygen immediately before, during or after birth can develop serious birth defects. These…

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Medical Malpractice in delivery room

In this modern era, most babies are born safely and in good health. However, others are born with debilitating birth defects that will leave them dependent on others for the rest of their lives. Birth injuries like cerebral palsy, Erb’s palsy and various malformations can make it difficult, if not impossible, for those children to…

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Birth defects resulting from the delivery room

Birth Defects Resulting from the Delivery Room Call 410-825-5287 for a free medical malpractice consultation Some birth defects are the result of nature and cannot be avoided, but others are the result delivery room errors. If the environment is not clean enough for the baby is not care for properly after birth, then the risk…

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Common Medical Malpractice cases

Common Medical Malpractice Cases Call 410-825-5287 for a free medical malpractice consultation Doctors and other medical professionals consistently rank amongst the most trusted professionals in the United States. They’re so trusted, in fact, that most people actually put their lives and well being into these professionals’ hands. Unfortunately, negligent medical personnel can prove that this…

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Four Surprises about Medical Malpractice

Four Surprises about Medical Malpractice Call 410-825-5287 for a free medical malpractice consultation It’s scary to think about, but one of the most common problems in the healthcare world is medical malpractice. Nearly 80% of medical care glitches are caused by human error, and there is far too little being done to control and stop…

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Maryland Doctors trying to dodge Malpractice

It’s not often that mass overhauls of the medical malpractice insurance industry take place, but some legislators in Maryland are trying to do just that. The bill, which was recently introduced into both of the General Assembly chambers, would create what is known as a birth injury fund. Florida, New York, and Virginia already have…

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How a Physicians Mistake Might Constitute Malpractice

There aren’t many professionals out there trusted more than those involved in the medical field. Unfortunately, negligent doctors sometimes make it seem as if this trust is misplaced. Luckily, a patient who has suffered medical malpractice is often eligible to receive compensation, but in some cases, these laws can get awfully murky. In fact, a…

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Birth Injury Malpractice – Wrongful Birth

Birth Injury Malpractice: Wrongful Birth Call 410-825-5287 for a free medical malpractice consultation There are few experiences so rewarding as becoming the parent of a happy, healthy baby. However, that joy can quickly turn to grief when parents learn that their child was born with a significant birth defect or genetic disorder. Often, these conditions…

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