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Hit and Run Injuries

An accident is considered a hit and run case when one party who has caused or contributed to a collision with another party leaves the scene of the wreck without identifying oneself, and it is a crime.
Unfortunately, there are risks associated with driving, whether you drive a cartruck or a motorcycle or boats.  It is irritating enough when we are in an accident where both parties take responsibility by complying with all state laws and exchanging insurance information.  But what about when someone leaves the scene of the accident, leaving you stranded, or possibly even injured?  Head and spinal injuries, facial disfigurement, broken bones and injured joints and even deathare all possibilities of any collision. At Weltchek Mallahan & Weltchek Law Firm, we know that you do not deserve to be left at the scene wondering if the other party will uphold their legal duties to both law enforcement and you.
The Weltchek Mallahan & Weltchek law firm serves the needs of clients throughout the State of Maryland and beyond. We bring a unique combination of unrelenting dedication, proven legal strategy and focused aggression to every case.  Our Attorney’s have never hesitated to take on large hospitals, insurance companies or corporations on behalf of our clients.

Over our combined 40 years of experience in trial advocacy, our Firm has experienced enormous successes. Working as personal injury lawyers in Maryland, the Firm has obtained some of the largest verdicts in the State of Maryland on behalf of our clients.

List of our Attorney’s Verdicts in the state of Maryland.

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