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Delivery Room Errors

As a parent, your first hope for your child is that he or she will be born a happy and healthy baby. However, a slip-up in the delivery room can destroy that hope. Medical malpractice in the delivery room can destroy a child’s life, leaving you with an infant who is irreversibly disabled. Of course, such conditions are not only horrifying, but also very expensive. 


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Disabilities that can be caused by medical malpractice, such as brain damage, paralysis, nerve damage and cerebral palsy will require a lifetime of special care. You are likely afraid that you will not be able to afford the care your child requires. Thankfully, our lawyers in Baltimore, Maryland can help you get the compensation you need to combat the cost of your child’s disability. 

Delivery room mistakes that can and often do lead to injury and disability include:

  • Lack of cesarean section or late cesarean section when one was clearly needed, including for large infants
  • Misuse of delivery room tools
  • Neglecting to spot and treat an infection
  • Neglecting to note an umbilical cord prolapse
  • Neglecting to monitor fetal heart rate as expected, before and during birthing process

Every one of our lawyers understands the tragedy involved with delivery room malpractice and errors, no matter the cause. We know that each case deserves our thorough attention so that our clients are properly represented and their charges cared for as they deserve in the wake of this life-altering event.